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Glenn Beck is stupid.- Right?

And we are all racists and also stupid – so says Frances Fox Piven.

And none of you Americans of African descent are in the Tea Party. She said so. Beck said she was a flake. Beck +1 – Piven 0.


The greatest prop of 2009 is no more

Beck unplugs WH red phone 4 Jan 2011Glenn Beck disconnected his red phone 4 Jan 2011. The White House (WH) never called. Of course they couldn’t because they did not want to discuss issues one on one with Mr. Beck. They were in a grand “no win” or “lose-lose” situation. Since the WH could not change the rules of the game, as Sarah Palin did in going rouge, the WH could do nothing. Do you suppose someone on his staff is a game theorist?

And we know there was a real number, because during one program, Glenn held up the phone with the base to the camera. At least one viewer, who must have had a terrific high-definition TV, read the number off the bottom of the phone. There is no record of him calling the number. It seems like the right thing to do, after the show was over, just to see how it was answered. Surely they must have gotten a few wrong numbers over the life of the phone. But Glenn did confirm on the show that they changed the number and sent the new number to the WH.

RIP White House Red Phone.


Domestic Enemy #1?

Surprise! It’s George Soros – From Liberty Juice. His primary fronts of action or attack:

Monetary Front – Stimulus – Too late. That ship has sailed.
Economic Front – Cap & Trade – Dead in Congress but Regulators will try.
Social Class Front – Tax Cuts – Let ALL Bush tax cuts expire.
Global Warming – Environmental Front – The SDD inspired movement that just will not die. It is NOT about science.
New World Order Front – Globalism – Capitalism is bad; Open society good. Does he still keep his wealth in the Caymen Islands? You can bet it is off-shore somewhere.

He is oblivious to history. The freest people and markets have always been the winners throughout history. You must have your children or grandchildren read The Lessons of History. History does repeat, or at least rhyme, per Mark Twain.


You have to love Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin

Why? Because they drive the progressives and radical lefties apoplectic!

They attack Sarah Palin because they fear she might be a female version of Ronald Reagan. Glenn Beck, and his staff, keep finding information and linkages that those playing the game of influence would like to keep out of the news.

And Sarah needs to review the Kobayashi Maru Star Trek test. This perfectly explains why she had to resign as Governor of Alaska. Because the state, under its constitution, does not defend the office holder from frivolous lawsuits, she had to change the rules, which she couldn’t, or change the game. Even if she won every lawsuit, she and her family would have been destroyed paying lawyers. Those attacking her had no trouble shopping for judges that would not throw out frivolous cases.


Term Limits

Image is from Glenn Beck Clips dot com.

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Crowd count – One Nation vs. 828 – THE END!

Ed Schultz claims the One Nation rally was just as big as Beck’s 828 rally. Not bigger – just as big. You knew he would. If you have time to kill for meaningless information, you can watch his whole speech. Follow the link to Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters for larger images.

The photo of the One Nation crowd seems to have been taken early during the event. I think the crowd was larger than this picture shows. But two points are obvious. Ed Schultz has a big head and he is much fatter than Glenn Beck. Just saying. Further, it appears no one at the One Nation rally was wearing a bullet proof vest nor where any fit gentlemen present wearing dark glasses talking into shirt sleeves.

You should also watch Glenn Beck’s show from October 4th. He seems to have used a picture with a larger One Nation crowd but it still doesn’t come close to the 828 crowd. Plus he has trash images.

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One Nation Working Together 10-2 rally

This is proof we have a large task ahead of us. We may need many more Tea Party groups. Because the media was successful in branding the Tea Party as Republican, few Democrats have gotten involved. It may have started by mostly Republicans, but today there may well be more independents involved than Republicans. So maybe they should start a Tea Party for Democrats as their party seems to have been taken over by the Progressives. Another could be started as Tea Party for Union Members. How many union members want their leaders to join with socialist and communist organizations?

Glenn Beck on his 8-28 show covered who is supporting the 10-2 rally. Also at Big Government. This should be interesting. How many NAACP and union members will want to be associated with these radical groups? The rally was started by the NAACP as a protest to Beck’s 8-28 rally but many who are supporting the rally are the radical fringe.

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It is still there

The Clenn Beck red phone. If Glenn wasn’t a recovering alcoholic, it would make a great drinking game. So a better game might be to call out USA whenever the phone is spotted. Or name a founding father. It might not take too long to learn all the signers of the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution. Or you can just chuckle a bit every time you spot it. Glenn, or someone on his staff, really came up with a great spoof and prop.

The Red Phone 10/09/27

No one is going to call that number. But I have some friends who just might leave a message on someone’s desk to return a call on that number. I’ll bet it is blocked by the Whitehouse phone system. I think I once called 1-800-739-8255 at work which turned out to be 1-800-SEX-TALK. No sweat. I left it on the desk of the suspect’s boss. Is such escalation wrong? Never happened again though and was never mentioned by anyone.


Constitution Day – James Madison

Happy Constitution Day! For those of us who are old enough to have taken that course in civics which seems no longer to be taught, James Madison was considered the father, or architect, of the US Constitution.

Like Aristotle, he decided it was better to study the different forms of government by studying the constitutions and the government that resulted from implementing those constitutions, rather than to invent the perfect constitution. Madison had many more examples to study than did Aristotle, but even Aristotle, with limited examples, recommended constitutional government over monarchy.

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Whistling in the dark

YouTube Preview Image

But will he bet real money on the November elections? Not likely.