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Sweet Corn Days Parade Estherville,Ia

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Concealed Weapons Ruling

Concealed Weapons Ruling

Sioux City, IA (KICD)–A Federal court case yields a somewhat stunning verdict.

On Wednesday U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett announced that Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber’s denial of Paul Dorr’s concealed weapon permit in 2007 “was the most egregious violation of the 1st Amendment he has witnessed in his 16 years serving on the bench.”

According to Attorney Daniel Dekoter the case was originally was filed under the 2nd Amendment with all fo those claims dismissed before the trial as having no legal merit.

Dorr’s attorney’s Bill Mohrman and Vince Fahlander state that Sheriff Weber state that in sworn deposition testimony in November 2009 that Weber denied Paul Dorr’s conceal carry permit because of Paul Dorr’s speech and political activities in Osceola County.

Dekoter says his impression is that although Dorr claimed that the sheriff was prejudiced against him because of activities with the Osceola County Taxpayers Association, the sheriff actually issued a permit to the President of that group and also to Dorr’s wife.

Judge Bennett announced that he hadn’t passed judgment from the bench before, always taking it under consideration and issuing a written judgment later. But in Paul Dorr’s case he ruled for the first time, from the bench, on behalf of Dorr.


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Flagfest Parade June 12th info

Anyone who wants to ride, walk or join us need  be there after 9:45AM
We will be there at 8:00AM so set up will be done before 9:00AM when the judges come around for the category judging.

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Rod Roberts Tour

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BP Oil spill update

Live from the Ocean Floor: New Oil Leak Widget Features ‘Spillcam’




Remember those who gave there life




Tea Party Patriots  will  host a series of “INFORMED VOTER FORUMS”

Jan, 12th 2010
TIME: 6:00pm
CITY: Spencer
PLACE: Event Center
LOCATION: (800 West 18th Street, Spencer, IA 51301-3156  (712) 580-3000 )

CANDIDATES: Bob Vander Plaats
CONTACT: Kris @ 712-260-5128
It seems today, in the current political situation, that no matter which side of the political agenda you are on, we can’t trust our politicians to do as they promise. GW Bush was a disappointment to many of those who voted for him and Obama too has failed to keep his promises. It proves that all of us need to be actively involved and educated to hold our politicians accountable. To that goal, the Tea Party Patriots of Spencer will be hosting a series of “INFORMED VOTER FORUMS”. These forums will bring candidates and incumbents to Spencer so area voters can meet them first hand and ask questions. The only way we are going to change the current situation of corrupt and elitist politicians is to know the candidates before the primaries so we can vote for the best candidate to actually run for office.

We are kicking this series off with Bob Vander Plaats, candidate to run for Governor on the GOP ticket. He will be in Spencer at 6:00 pm on Jan. 12th at Spencer Event Center. Everyone is invited to attend. Mr. Vander Plaats will speak on his platform, then will take audience questions. Vander Plaats is originally from Sheldon and reportedly is the front runner for the GOP spot. There are currently 4 individuals besides Vander Plaats vying for that spot – State Sen. Jerry Behn, Ex-Governor Terry Brandstad, State Rep. Chris Rants, and State Rep. Rod Roberts. In the months of Jan., Feb, and March, we plan to have each of these GOP hopefuls in Spencer.

In addition, we will be inviting State Representatives and Senator candidates and incumbents to speak, as well as Federal Senators and Congressmen. We are hoping to have a full calendar of politicians to Spencer. This is an opportunity for YOU, the American citizen to actively take back the political arena of this country by being educated and informed before election day.

Tea Party Patriots support Limited government and the Constitution of the United States and will there fore will be hosting Republican, Democrat, and Independent candidates who reportedly support a Constitutional agenda. Please contact Kris @ 712-260-5128 if you know of a candidate you would like us to host who fits this profile.