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“We The People”

Nashville based songwriters Jamie Teachenor and “Banjo” Ben Clark team up for this exclusive release, aimed to raise-the-hair and boil-the-blood of every liberty-loving American ready to make a difference this fall…one vote at a time.

Please help the powerful voice of “We The People” ring through the halls of Congress by forwarding this to any and all who are fed up with the Elites in Washington who consistently ignore our cries.

If you’re not registered to vote, PLEASE do so now, and may God bless America now and forever.

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Tea Party – Lighted Fountains

This is a colorful fountain and display that explains the meaning of ” TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS ” as it pertains to our ECONOMY and our current political environment. https://www.holiday-de-lites.com/

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Terry Branstad and the Spencer Tea Party Patriots

Terry Branstad candidate for Iowa Governor agrees to meet with a Advisory Committee made up of Tea Party, 912 and other Groups.  A monthly schedule will be setup so all 50+ groups in Iowa will be represented .

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The 2010 Harkin Steak Fry

33rd Annual – from Ustream we get:

Harkin 33rd annual steak fry - 2010

Wow – 37 views! Well they said they had technical difficulties but you can see them all at iowademocrat.org this week. This guy really needs to go. He doesn’t stand for election until 2014. Even though Democrats out number Republicans in Iowa, by then, over half will be Tea Party followers. Why? Because by then Medicare and Medicaid will have been cut significantly and rural medicine will hardly exist. Like Obama, only the Republicans can save him.


Rod Roberts Tour

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Rod Roberts – the Proven Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate

Fellow Republicans, on June 8th our state will choose the Republican candidate who will run against Chet Culver in the November election for the executive office of the Governor of Iowa. Of the three men who are stumping for that candidacy, I want to encourage you to vote for Representative Rod Roberts of Carroll.

While he may not have as much financial backing as some do, or as much charisma as others, he does have two characteristics that the other two gentlemen don’t have both of – experience and a consistent, conservative track record. Rod Roberts has worked hard in Des Moines for almost a decade (while others have just been running for office) and has (unlike Branstad) fought for lower taxes and less spending. He is a strong social conservative who believes that such issues as a marriage amendment should be voted on by the people of Iowa but will work hard to make that
happen by following Iowa’s constitutional process to do so.

In this “rock-star” political society, Rod Roberts may not have the big bucks or the endorsement of Chuck Norris but he stands strong on his Constitutional and conservative principles, knowing that those principles are what will help this state more than anything else. In the wake of national blatant liberalism, I think we all can see that a patriotic tide is sweeping across our state and nation. People are beginning to wake up and do something and I believe that that sweeping tide has brought to light such unsung leaders as Rod Roberts. He has stayed in this “so-called” un-contestable race while others have dropped out because he believes that he has the right principles. He is a humble yet competent man who understands how our representative form of government should work. I believe he is a man driven by principles and not parties, polls, payoffs
or politics as usual.

If we are going to see things change in Iowa it is going to take more than moving campaign speeches and piles of money big enough to fund an onslaught of media campaign advertisements – it’s going to take a governor that walks the walk. Please join me in the primaries by proudly voting for Rod Roberts – the proven conservative gubernatorial candidate.