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State of the Economy – The recession ended – June 2009!

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, who keeps track of these things, the recession ended June 2009, or 18 months, the longest since World War II. Yee-Haw! Almost every private economist and forecasting company can proudly exclaim, “Told you so!”. Their target, not just for the US, but for the world, was summer of 2009.

So what went wrong? So many things, so little time. The Obama administration and the Democrat Congress is what went wrong! Remember in November who was in charge and decided to put their agenda ahead of your job which led to you losing your house. Name call the Tea Party folks all you want, but the highest level of poverty in these United States since 1959, and expected to rise, was on your watch! There is no other name for what you have achieved except incompetent.

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