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Grassfire and Resistnet Team Shut Down.

Darla DaWald had a group of people that went to DC to hand deliver petitiona against the Health Care Bill and were shut down. The First youtube video is part one and the other youtube is part 2. The last is the radio program and you can move it to about 65 min and Darla will be there talking about this taking place.

Earlier this week a Grassfire and Resistnet Team went to DC to deliver petitions and were shut out! To hear first hand go to Resistnet Radio and listen to the last show or check out the 2 videos with their updates in DC.

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Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine.

Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine. A modernly relevant portion of a 1961 LP recorded by Ronald Reagan. In this recording, Reagan warned that socialized medicine would curtail Americans’ freedom and that “pretty soon your son won’t decide when he’s in school, where he will go or what he will do for a living. He will wait for the government to tell him.”

Ronald Reagan clearly unfolds how social medicine encroaches upon Americans’ freedoms. Whether deliberately advancing socialization under the guise of humanitarian effort, or simply instituting another social program with reduced individual freedoms following in its wake, socialized medicine will lead to the erosion of every American’s God given rights and freedoms.

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Obamacare Threatens to Expand Forced Unionism

Looking for a comprehensive breakdown of Obamacare’s forced unionism provisions? Check out Foundation President Mark Mix’s interview on the nationally-syndicated Lars Larson Show.

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