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The best SOTU rebuttal

In another posting I used SOU for State of the Union when it should have been SOTU. Even an old skeptic, some would say cynic, can learn new things, or stand corrected. Anyway, here is Bill Whittle’s rebuttal to the STOU . Correction: That should be SOTU. Man forget old skeptic or cynic – just plain old!

YouTube Preview Image

You can watch more of his commentary at Declaration Entertainment – Firewall. Could we draft Bill for President? Doubtful but Bill Whittle for President!


One story not getting much play by the media

Joe Zamudio was one of the men holding down the shooter. Too bad he didn’t get there sooner. He might have saved many lives.


Sen. Tom Coburn – AKA Dr. No

We need more legislators like the good doctor – a real doctor in the real world. He believes in the citizen legislator so after his two terms, he is leaving. Perhaps that is why he opposed all those trimmings that other legislators love, and voted NO on expanding government and frivolous spending. Hence his peers and the press labeled him “Dr. No”.

This was from Fox News Sunday on 26 Dec 2010.


More like Mike Kelly please!

YouTube Preview Image

You might see a bit of yourself in Mike Kelly and his “real world”. The Democrats are in denial about the “real world”. And when he told Weiner he had never done anything on his own with his own “skin in the game” – Priceless!

And note the stock market really turned around when polls showed the Republicans would take control of the House. One million jobs in the last year? What about the year before? And for most of the Bush terms, in spite of 9-11, the economy preformed respectable with low unemployment. Personally, I’m willing to let Paul Ryan set the budget ceiling.


The Obama governance style

This happened to the Democrat House members this year. In 2012, 25 members of the Senate Democrat caucus will be up for election while only 10 Republicans will stand for election. If you are one of those Democrat Senators, “Watch out for the bus!. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this President has governed for his legacy and not for the people or his party.

Update: Added Senate just in case the reader lacks telepathy.


How many states have approved a convention for a balanced budget amendment?

According to Michael Duffy on the NBC Sunday Chris Mattews Show, 31. (Link is to video & segment begins with 3:15 left – no transcript yet.) With the large number of state legislatures that flipped Republican (11), it might not take long to get the 38 states required. Not sure a constitutional convention would be a good idea but the federal government better start talking to the states. Unfunded mandates is one of the unintended consequences of the 17th Amendment. Suddenly the states could make the federal government live by the same rules as the states. That would be PayGo writ LARGE! A real in-your-face smack-down. Talk about budget cuts…

This is exactly what The Great Debate was, and still is, all about – checks and balances. And which Republic lasted the longest? You might be surprised. We only have about 900 years, about 45 generations, to go before we can be the longest. “We the people” better start paying attention or we will never make it.


Best 30 minutes in TV news

On almost every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern, Fox News Special Report continues a panel discussion online after the regular broadcast. What makes it unique is that viewers, using a chat channel, can pose questions to the panel. Here is the online show from 12/8/10. They spend considerable time discussing the tax cut compromise.

Of the $900 billion deficit added, continuing the Bush era tax cuts only makes up about 1/3 of the total.

Early on, Charles Krauthamme claimed he was not a cynic. Which made everyone laugh. When Charles was asked if the tax cut compromise would pass, he said: “It passes because everyone loves pork and this is a large pig.”


Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – Update

Now over 17 million hits.

According to this comment:

In the last 8 days this video has gotten about 11,500,000 views, or 1,437,500 views a day 59,895 an hour, 998 a minute and about 16 a second. That’s only about 2 view a second shy of Justin Biebers video! And this is with VERY LITTLE if any mainstream marketing and assistance! It’s just amazing when something like this breaks through!

Proof that there are many in the world who still have taste. That may be a bit harsh. Still, I’ll wager that 250 years after his death, there won’t be flash mobs singing Justin Bieber’s music.

Maybe I’m impressed by classical music because I can’t carry a tune and have no rhythm. If women were as flat as I sing, there would never have been Playboy magazine.


Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

Now over 14.5 million hits on YouTube. When the first young lady starts to sing, people look at her as if she might be crazy. But it didn’t take long for people to know it was an event; And the cameras and cell phones soon were out and recording.

So why is she singing with her cell phone? The sound quality is exceptional. They must have had microphones on the singers or spread around near the singers. This was a very high quality event and all should be congratulated.

Everyone I know that is in a chorus, of have participated in choral singing, claim singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus is one of the most rewarding pieces to perform.


Great Music

YouTube Preview Image

Take any form of modern music and it does not hold a candle to the great classical era. This has over 12 million hits on YouTube.