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Live from the Lincoln Memorial 8/28 Rally

LIVE: Restoring Honor Rally with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin


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Flashback: Pelosi Says Not Giving Members Three Days to Read Bill Is ‘Absolute Outrage’

Hey Pelosi and 0bama,

What happened to to ‘72-hour’ pledge?
What happened to the ‘transparency’ pledge?
What happened to the ‘bipartisanship’ pledge?

I know what happened Pelosi and 0bama…YOU LIE!

This lady is so delusional it’s absolutely amazing that she has reached the place of power she’s now in. I wonder how much she actually believes her own lies–because that’s all that seems to come out of her mouth. Pelosi is the perfect posterchild for everything that’s wrong with Washington.

Check out the lastest articles at –it’s time to start fighting for our freedom.



Anthem for “We the People” by Mack Hayes – Tea Party salute.

Please watch the credits at the end of the video in appreciation of the folks who helped me, and to pay tribute to two special people in the video that help define the title AMERICA IS ME.

God bless us all.


BlogDesk retrieval fixed

It was a bad date on a draft post. Finding it was made difficult because of changes made to fix other problems. So the first suspect was the changes. In the end, Arkham’s Razor (The simplest explanation is the best.) ruled the day – helped by running in debug mode. There would be no software in this world were it not for debuggers using debugging software.

If you use Firefox, there is an alternative blogging client called ScribeFire that runs as an extension. It is also free. Like all software comparisons , it has some advantages and disadvantages when compared to BlogDesk. If you don’t cross post to multiple blogs, ScribeFire might be of interest to you. It uses the Firefox spell checker so you won’t see a separate spell check button. Also some functions are on on the right click menu. The more command must be inserted using the drop-down arrow at the right end of the Scribefire tool bar. (This was posted with ScribeFire.)

It is easier to change text size. Or, font type. Or text color.

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MARCH ON WASHINGTON 9/12 send a message

This week thousands of people are heading to Washington for the Taxpayers’ March On D.C. 9/12. A clear message is being sent that we are the people and we are fed up with D.C. Politics and blatant disregard of our Constitution!

While you may be unable to attend the events in D.C., please join with us in

supporting this movement in a “Send a Message to D.C.” campaign. Over the next couple of days, please call your representatives in Washington, letting them know

that even though you were not able to attend the March, you fully support the

initiative. Please call:

President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden: (202)456-1111

Senator Chuck Grassley: (202)224-3744

Senator Tom Harkin: (202)224-3254

Representative Steve King: (202)225-4426

Suggestions of what to say: “I wish I could be there, but am unable to. For every person you see in D.C., know that there are hundreds more of us back home who couldn’t go. You were elected to represent the people, and the people are speaking.

Listen to them!” –

May God bless those who make this journey and may He bless all of our efforts

in this endeavor to save our country from socialism!


Contract With The Constitution

Contract With The Constitution
Please read and use The Citizen’s Call To Action and get every politician to sign the Contract with the Constitution.
Then forward us a copy and we’ll post it on our web site.

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32 czars in the Obama administration As of July 20, 2009

As of July 20, 2009:

• The Brainroom counts 32 czars in the Obama administration, based on media reports from reputable sources that have identified the official in question as a czar.
• In addition, President Obama has said that he will create the position of cyber czar, and there have been media reports that there could be a health insurance czar and a copyright czar. When and if those positions are filled, that would bring the total to 35.
• Since czar isn’t an official job title, the number is somewhat in the eye of the beholder.

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Congress critters whose terms are ending in 2010


This is the list of Congress critters whose terms are ending in 2010. Is one of yours here? If so, and you are not intimately familiar with how they have voted to represent your rights and interests, you can find that information easily enough here. Conversely, if you have a good representative, let them know you will support them in 2010; praise for good work can never be said too much. All terms ending in 2010 can be found at the Tea Party Patriots website.

State What Congress Critter Party Status (as of this writing)
AK Senate Lisa Murkowski R
AL House Artur Davis D To run for Governor of Alabama.
AL Senate Richard Shelby R Running for reelection
AR Senate Blanche Lincoln D Running for reelection
AZ Senate John McCain R Running for reelection
CA Senate Barbara Boxer D Running for reelection
CO Senate Michael Bennet D Running for election
CT Senate Chris Dodd D Running for reelection
DE Senate Ted Kaufman D Retiring
FL House Kendrick Meek D To run for the U.S. Senate.
FL Senate Mel Martinez R Retiring
FL House Adam Putnam R To run for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.
GA Senate Johnny Isakson R Running for reelection
HI Senate Daniel Inouye D Running for reelection
HI House Neil Abercrombie D To run for Governor of Hawaii.
IA Senate Chuck Grassley R
ID Senate Mike Crapo R
IL Senate Roland Burris D
IN Senate Evan Bayh D
KS Senate Sam Brownback R Retiring
KS House Jerry Moran R To run for the U.S. Senate.
KS House Todd Tiahrt R To run for the U.S. Senate.
KY Senate Jim Bunning R Running for reelection
LA Senate David Vitter R Running for reelection
MD Senate Barbara Mikulski D
MI House Pete Hoekstra R To run for Governor of Michigan.
MO Senate Kit Bond R Retiring
MO House Roy Blunt R To run for the U.S. Senate.
NC Senate Richard Burr R
ND Senate Byron Dorgan D
NH House Paul Hodes D To run for the U.S. Senate.
NH Senate Judd Gregg R Likely retiring
NV Senate Harry Reid D Running for reelection
NY Senate Chuck Schumer D
NY Senate Kirsten Gillibrand D
OH Senate George Voinovich R Retiring
OK Senate Tom Coburn R
OK House Mary Fallin R To run for Governor of Oklahoma.
OR Senate Ron Wyden D
PA Senate Arlen Specter R Running for reelection
SC Senate Jim DeMint R
SC House Gresham Barrett R To run for Governor of South Carolina.
SD Senate John Thune R Running for reelection
TN House Zach Wamp R To run for Governor of Tennessee.
UT Senate Bob Bennett R Running for reelection
VT Senate Patrick Leahy D
WA Senate Patty Murray D
WI Senate Russ Feingold D Running for reelection

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Today Senator Harkin shows his true self by not allowing questions

Today Senator Harkin shows his true self by not allowing questions in what was called his
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for United Community Health Center
630 Ontario Street
Storm Lake
Harkin will visit United Community Health Center to discuss progress being made on health reform in Washington and the important role Community Health Centers play in our state.
We called his staff in Des Moines and Sioux City to make sure he was allowing questions and both places stated Yes he will answer questions. Liar Liar Liar . No Questions Allowed

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