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Here’s a Thought…Media Bias? Really?

Something that really got me thinking over the weekend…CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and all the rest of the MSM have been bombarding us with nonstop video of the Iranian protests against their government for the last week…isn’t it amazing that none of them thought the Tax Day Tea Party protests were newsworthy events, mocking the participants as being out of touch and even getting downright nasty when interviewing protesters…? 

Furthermore, even though President Obama has been pretty quiet about the Iranian protests, he has said more about them than the Tax Day Tea Party protests!

I guess that means that an event halfway around the globe (that will basically have no effect on our future dealings with this rogue nation) takes precidence over events that close to 400,000 patriotic Americans felt worthy of standing up and making themselves heard.

This administration has only heard the beginning salvo in the 9-12 Project/Tea Party Movement…we are not going away nor are we giving up!  We will see this through and our government will hear from all of us, that they work for US and not the other way around…!


FlagFest 2009 Video

Our  tea party float took first place in the patriotic division at the FlagFest 2009 parade on June 13th.


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In God We Still Trust Video

Video from the 912 project website!!

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Where’s The Birth Certificate – WND – (Sign campaign)

Americans vote with wallets to see Obama birth certificate
$40K in 1st 4 days for ‘truth and transparency’ billboard campaign
Posted: May 21, 2009
10:45 pm Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

UPDATE: The “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” billboard campaign has exceeded $40.000 in its first four days.

WND previously launched a petition campaign that has collected more than 370,000 names demanding Obama’s eligibility be verified and demonstrated publicly. Sign the petition here.


What we need to be doing

Build the Coalition as The People join with Legislators – Sign up and volunteer your time to support liberty. Just a few hours a month can make a significant difference.

Contact your governor and state legislators and tell them how you feel about your rights and what you expect of them. Encourage them to join.

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Fairness Doctrine-anti-free speech Censorship Doctrine

Last Thursday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Copps claimed that the anti-free speech Censorship Doctrine – also mis-known as the “Fairness” Doctrine – is “long gone” and that “it’s not coming back.”

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