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Herman Cain to speak at Council Bluffs, IA and Sioux City, IA

Here is the newest Schedule for Herman Cain and his website.

Happy New Year and back to work. The Ames Straw Poll is only 222 day away.

Here is the schedule as we have it now. When we get the restaurants confirmed I will advise.


12:15pm Lunch with local TP/GOP leaders in Council Bluffs, IA


4:00pm Cain Coffee Hour with local TP/GOP leaders in Sioux City, IA



2:30pm Cain Coffee Hour with local GOP/TP activists from Council Bluffs, IA


Please forward this to all the Tea Party, Minuteman and other groups in the areas of Council Bluffs and Sioux City.


Jim Zeiler

Please RSVP (Jim Zeiler- ) so we know who and how many are planning on attending.



8/28 Bus Trip UPDATED

We have a bus to DC for you!
Seats for our buses are $200, plus 10% drivers’ tip, roundtrip.
We have one bus running out of Sioux Falls, SD, traveling down I90; two are leaving Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; two are leaving Dubuque, IA; one of our buses will be leaving Lincoln, NE, traveling down I80.
Just like last year, we will have a leisurely and enjoyable bus ride, stopping every 125-150 miles along the Interstates to stretch our legs and pick up other Patriots to visit with.
We will, again, be offering both excellent and economical motel rooms, and camping, right across the river from DC, in Reston, VA, for two nights, before, and after, the rally.
Our buses will take us right downtown to see the monuments and the rally on 8/28.
For reference, we would be happy to provide you contact with those who went with us last year, and those returning with us, this year.
Rest assured, you will have a very enjoyable and inspiring experience, in the company of lots of other great patriotic Americans, that you will never forget.
So, sign up to ride in comfort to DC, for the time of your life!
Your country needs you, now, more than ever!
Please, remember.
We are very busy trying to help everyone, who wants to go to DC, for 8/28, to get on a clean, comfortable bus, as close to their home as possible.
So, we do not have time to lose in chasing people down on the telephone, or chatting on patriot websites.
If you, or those you know, are interested, please help us to help everyone get on a bus, by contacting Stella Samson at, or call her at 712-250-0227 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              712-250-0227      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Stella can provide answers to most every question you may have.
If you need to talk to me for larger questions of collaboration, you may e-mail me at, or call 712-636-4490.
In Liberty,
Larry M. Aden, Executive Director
Great Plains Patriots
Giving Voice to Plain People
“Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land!”

Motel Room Reservations
This is the link for room reservations at the Hampton Inn, 435 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA –
Rooms are at a special rate of $79.00 per night.
It is approximately 3 miles from the Lake Fairfax County Park in Reston, VA where we are camping, as we did last year.

Here is the full itinerary on our Great Plains buses:

Bus traveling down I 90.
We will leave Sioux Falls SD at 6 PM Thursday, August 26, from the Fairgrounds at 4000 W 12th St, Interstate 29, exit 79, just 5 miles south of the intersection of I 90 and I 29, then, stopping to pick up at:

Trail’s TA Truck and Travel, I 35, Exit 11, 2700 E Main St, Albert Lea MN, arriving at 9PM, departing at 9:15 PM;

Love’s Truck Stop, I 90/94, Exit 48, 220 N. Oakwood St, Oakdale (Tomah area), WI, arriving at 12 Midnight, departing at 12:15 PM;

Travel Centers of America, Madison, WI, exit 132 (Hwy 51, Deforest WI), at 1:45 AM, departing at 2 AM;

Hwy 20 Park and Ride, West off I94, near Racine WI, Exit 333, at 3:45 AM to 4 AM;

Flying J Travel Plaza, I 80/I 94, exit 15b (Ripley St), Lake Station, Lake IN,
Breakfast Stop, arriving about 6:15AM, departure at 7:30AM CDT

Fremont, IN, IGA Shell (former Pioneer) Truck Stop, 6917 N Old 27, Exit 144, arriving at 9:45AM EDT, departing at 10AM EDT

Flying J Travel Plaza, I 80, exit 71 (I 280), Perrysburg OH, at 11:30 AM to 11:45 AM;

Then, a Lunch stop for a sandwich, at:
Pilot Travel Center, Richfield OH, I80 Exit 173 at 1:30 PM to 2 PM EDT, then,

We will make one more stop for dinner at the driver’s discretion, then,

We arrive at our campsite at 1400 Lake Fairfax Drive, in Reston VA, about 9 PM, Friday, August 27, where camp will already be set up, we will have a visit and get some sleep.

8/28 Schedule will be, as below:

Bus traveling down I80:
The Kincaid bus, traveling down I80, will be departing, Thursday, Aug. 26th:

Lincoln, NE, Mall parking lot, behind McDonald’s, 66th and O St., 6PM,

Omaha area, Travel Centers/America, 3210 S. 7th St, Exit 3, Council Bluffs, IA, 7:30PM,

Des Moines area, Bosselman’s Truck Stop, Exit 142, Altoona, IA, 10PM,

Iowa City/Davenport area, Iowa 80 Truck Stop, Exit 284, Walcott, IA, 12:45AM.

La Salle, IL, at the Flying J Travel Plaza, I80 & Rte. 351, Exit 77, 2:30AM,

Chicago area, Lake Station, IN, Pick-up at the Flying J, Exit 15, 4:30AM

Fremont, IN, IGA Shell (former Pioneer) Truck Stop, 6917 N Old 27, Exit 144,
Breakfast Stop, arriving about 6:30AM, departure at 8AM EDT

Toledo area, at Flying J Travel Plaza, Perrysburg, OH, Exit 71, 9:45AM

Lunch Stop in PA, at driver’s discretion, approximately 12-1PM,

Arriving in Lake Fairfax Campground, Reston, VA, about 7PM.

After erecting tents, we’ll go for Supper.
After supper, we will go to our motel, or return to the campground.

We will start getting breakfast at 6AM, Saturday, 8/28,
get on the bus at 7:30AM, and be dropped off at a park close to the Lincoln Memorial,
downtown Washington, DC, by 8AM.

At 8PM, the bus will come to pick us up in the same spot where they dropped us off, to take us back to our motel or campground for a good night’s rest.

Return Trip
Breakfast will start at 6AM, Sunday, 8/29.

We will all start home, together, at 8AM, traveling our pick-up route, in reverse order,
The I80 bus will arrive in Lincoln, NE, by 8AM, Monday, 8/30.
The I90 bus will arrive in Sioux Falls, SD, about 9:30AM

If you want to get on the I80 bus:
Please e-mail immediately, or call me, at 712-636-4490, before 6AM, after 8PM, or leave a message on my machine, tell me the number of seats you wish to reserve, and which pick-up point you want to get on at.

To guarantee your seat on this bus, due to the fact that Kincaid will not accept collection of individual rider’s payments by credit card for us, like our other bus providers do, you must mail your check payable to: Larry Aden, 2694 180th Street, Nemaha, Iowa 50567, by Saturday, August 21, 2010, so I will receive it before I leave.

If you do not pay by then, you must bring your cash or check with you to your chosen pick up, but your reservation will not be absolutely assured, until payment is received.

So, don’t miss out on this important trip, get you r money to me for your seat, ASAP.


8/28 trip to Washington Lincoln Memorial


Time: August 28, 2010 all day
Location: Lincoln Memorial
Organized By: Stella Samson and Larry Aden – Great Plains Patriots

Event Description:
Fellow Patriots,

Currently we are planning to have a bus leaving Sioux Falls on Thursday evening which will head East on I-90 and do as many pickups as we can on the way. We need to have a minimum of 40 people but can have up to 52 people if you can help us to get the ridership. At this time we are expecting that the bus will cost $200 plus a !0% gratuity for the drivers.
We are also planning on camping if we can get people who would like to camp at the Lake Fairfax Campground as we did last year this will be about $20 per person. We are also finding hotel accommodations for the drivers and for those who would prefer to stay in a hotel. The room rate is$79 a room. We need a head count for both options.
We will be leaving after the rally and expect to be home Sunday.

The Redeye will leave Minneapolis Friday evening and return Saturday night after the rally.

If any of you need transportation from the I-80 area let us know as well because if we can add a bus from there it would add more to our numbers

If you want to go and want more information contact me @ My cell # is 712 250-0227. E-mail is my preferred method of communication but either will do
In service of Liberty,
Stella Samson


Sweet Corn Days Parade Estherville,Ia

sweet corn daysEvent



INFORMATION: FINALLY! FROM THE HILL, “We The People” HEAR THAT Representative PATRICK T. McHENRY of North Carolina wants to have congressional hearings concerning 44 of President Obama’s Czars. It sounds very costly for the hearings, how much?

Surely, I am sure, we would give Honorable Rep. Patrick McHenry our support. Call your Representative and call your Senators and ask them to give him their support in this dire matter.

CONCERN: Remember that the Czars are accountable to no one but the President. “We The People” do not want any Czars in our United States Government. “We The People” have already heard, seen and learned of the controversial and divisiveness of these Czars.

Already trouble has resulted from their questionable character, the way they speak about their thinking from where they have been educated, if any good education at all. Listen to their types of goals they have for our America. They create problematic situations and internal stress for our government. That is already apparent.

We know nothing of their connections down the line. They could destroy America from the inside out. Think about! It would be just like rats do to a fresh crop in an Iowa corn storage bin if it is not sealed off properly.

Who is it that knows from where the money comes to pay them and how much it will cost in money and problems for America. Let it be known that “We The People” will not condone either.

Many, many Americans already sense in their guts that these Czars are absolutely not for the benefit and the good of America whether or not, they go over the heads of the President’s cabinet or the Congress of “We The People.”

“We the people” did not vote for them. The President has his cabinet and they have their place and they get paid by “We The People.”

We have our branches of government and our system of checks and balances. We do not need birds of a feather that flock together flying over the heads of all, dropping you know what. WOW!

The Czars will not have to pass bills through the proper methods. They are above the Congress of the United States of America, accountable only to the White House. WOW!

The Czars will not have to go through the Judicial system to interpret the United States Constitution. They do not need it because they do not give any recognition of it. WOW!

We have to be stupid to be this dumb to have any Czars in the government of our United States of America.

People, please take some action, make your calls.

May God bless you Rep. Patrick T. McHenry and the Congress

of the United States of America.

To the People of America, may God bless you and yours.

May the loving Father keep you and yours safe and free.

Loving Father keep our soldiers and their loved ones safe in Your hands.

God, bless our America.



MARCH ON WASHINGTON 9/12 send a message

This week thousands of people are heading to Washington for the Taxpayers’ March On D.C. 9/12. A clear message is being sent that we are the people and we are fed up with D.C. Politics and blatant disregard of our Constitution!

While you may be unable to attend the events in D.C., please join with us in

supporting this movement in a “Send a Message to D.C.” campaign. Over the next couple of days, please call your representatives in Washington, letting them know

that even though you were not able to attend the March, you fully support the

initiative. Please call:

President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden: (202)456-1111

Senator Chuck Grassley: (202)224-3744

Senator Tom Harkin: (202)224-3254

Representative Steve King: (202)225-4426

Suggestions of what to say: “I wish I could be there, but am unable to. For every person you see in D.C., know that there are hundreds more of us back home who couldn’t go. You were elected to represent the people, and the people are speaking.

Listen to them!” –

May God bless those who make this journey and may He bless all of our efforts

in this endeavor to save our country from socialism!


Congress critters whose terms are ending in 2010


This is the list of Congress critters whose terms are ending in 2010. Is one of yours here? If so, and you are not intimately familiar with how they have voted to represent your rights and interests, you can find that information easily enough here. Conversely, if you have a good representative, let them know you will support them in 2010; praise for good work can never be said too much. All terms ending in 2010 can be found at the Tea Party Patriots website.

State What Congress Critter Party Status (as of this writing)
AK Senate Lisa Murkowski R
AL House Artur Davis D To run for Governor of Alabama.
AL Senate Richard Shelby R Running for reelection
AR Senate Blanche Lincoln D Running for reelection
AZ Senate John McCain R Running for reelection
CA Senate Barbara Boxer D Running for reelection
CO Senate Michael Bennet D Running for election
CT Senate Chris Dodd D Running for reelection
DE Senate Ted Kaufman D Retiring
FL House Kendrick Meek D To run for the U.S. Senate.
FL Senate Mel Martinez R Retiring
FL House Adam Putnam R To run for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.
GA Senate Johnny Isakson R Running for reelection
HI Senate Daniel Inouye D Running for reelection
HI House Neil Abercrombie D To run for Governor of Hawaii.
IA Senate Chuck Grassley R
ID Senate Mike Crapo R
IL Senate Roland Burris D
IN Senate Evan Bayh D
KS Senate Sam Brownback R Retiring
KS House Jerry Moran R To run for the U.S. Senate.
KS House Todd Tiahrt R To run for the U.S. Senate.
KY Senate Jim Bunning R Running for reelection
LA Senate David Vitter R Running for reelection
MD Senate Barbara Mikulski D
MI House Pete Hoekstra R To run for Governor of Michigan.
MO Senate Kit Bond R Retiring
MO House Roy Blunt R To run for the U.S. Senate.
NC Senate Richard Burr R
ND Senate Byron Dorgan D
NH House Paul Hodes D To run for the U.S. Senate.
NH Senate Judd Gregg R Likely retiring
NV Senate Harry Reid D Running for reelection
NY Senate Chuck Schumer D
NY Senate Kirsten Gillibrand D
OH Senate George Voinovich R Retiring
OK Senate Tom Coburn R
OK House Mary Fallin R To run for Governor of Oklahoma.
OR Senate Ron Wyden D
PA Senate Arlen Specter R Running for reelection
SC Senate Jim DeMint R
SC House Gresham Barrett R To run for Governor of South Carolina.
SD Senate John Thune R Running for reelection
TN House Zach Wamp R To run for Governor of Tennessee.
UT Senate Bob Bennett R Running for reelection
VT Senate Patrick Leahy D
WA Senate Patty Murray D
WI Senate Russ Feingold D Running for reelection

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Grassley Town Hall Meetings

Wednesday August 12, 2009
Madison County Town Hall Meeting
9:15 – 10:15 AM
Winterset Public Library
123 North 2nd Street

Union County Town Hall Meeting
11:15 – 12:15 PM
Afton City Hall
Council Chambers
115 East Kansas Street

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Minuteman Meeting at Pocahontas Iowa 30th

I will be having the May meeting at Pizza Ranch in Pocahontas on May 3oth from 1:00pm till 3:00pm. Speakers will be Lori from Tea Party Patriots of the Spencer area, Jeff from Iowa Carry, and Lenny from Minutemen Patriots. This is open to the public. It should be a very informative meeting. Am looking forward to seeing you all there.


Minuteman Patriot
Norma Halverson


Up coming political dates (Republican)


Caucus – Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 10AM (tentative

County Conventions – Saturday, March 6, 2010

5th District Convention – Saturday, April 24, 2010

State Convention – Saturday, June 26, 2010