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CCX – No carbon footprint in the US

CCX is Chicago Climate Exchange – the chart:

Chart as of 11/08/2010

Not looking so good…

And on October 21, it was announced that carbon trading would end. Did you see or hear about this? Of course not. The media was all about the catastrophic Global Warming Climate Change. You can put a stake in that great Al Gore and friends idea.

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This video says it all!! If this is what you want to continue go ahead and keep your head buried in the sand.

If not JOIN your nearest Tea Party, 912 etc…. and help put a stop to big government control.

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Question – Electric cars and REE

REE means rare earth elements and many of the “green” technologies, especially electric vehicles, rely heavily on them.

Question: Can you be certain that changing to a “green” energy based system might just substitute one shortage, oil, for another, rare earth elements?

What’s with the Questions?


SoS Hillary – Climate Change = Pakistan Floods

You knew it was only a matter of time before something was sited as proof that Climate Change, formally called Global Warming, explained some natural catastrophe.

And the coldest winter in 30 or 50 years? Exceptions to the trend . No one is explaining why, with the exception of the southern hemisphere.

The report explained that 2008 was the coolest year of the decade in the southern hemisphere due to a strong La Nina phenomenon, which cooled the tropical Pacific Ocean below average temperatures. La Niña (the little girl) is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon similar to El Niño.

Okay, but what about the northern hemisphere? Did the models they are using to predict the end of the world predict these events? NO! What is most concerning is if something is going on, the Global Warming people are no longer interested in pure science. They are only looking for policy and agenda confirmation.


Is Cap And Trade dead?

Harry Reid said:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., this afternoon confirmed earlier reports that he was backing away from pushing any kind of cap-and-trade greenhouse gas reduction bill, at least in the short term.

Reid said that any emissions reduction bill would have to wait until the fall at the earliest. As for next week, the Senate will advance an energy bill that focuses on tightening regulations on oil drilling and pushing clean energy alternatives.

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today delivered very bad news to the American people. Continuing obstructionism by the Senate Republican leadership, joined by a handful of Democratic senators, is still blocking the way forward on essential clean energy and climate legislation,” said David Hawkins, NRDC director of climate programs, in a statement.

Don’t believe it. This legislation has more lives than a cat.


Official: ‘Severe Threat’ From China Oil Spill

China’s largest reported oil spill emptied beaches along the Yellow Sea as its size doubled Wednesday, while cleanup efforts included straw mats and frazzled workers with little more than rubber gloves. (July 21, 2010)


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Heat wave contest

We should run a contest to see who can pick the date when the global warming believers claim the heat wave in the Northern hemisphere proves global warming.

They were quick to point out a cold and snowy winter did not disprove global warming. All of you who believe they will make the same claim about the heat wave raise your hands. I thought so.

Watch for it. Suddenly it will be on all the radio and TV stations. Will the claim be made by a Hollywood star? Or someone with more gravitas. Well that leaves out Al “$540 massage” Gore. Maybe someone from NASA. No, they got thrown under the bus over wrongly stating their top priority as assigned by the President.

The last time Europe had a heat wave, the much touted French health care system lost almost 15,000 dead.

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Cap and tax will not die!

Here it comes again. Harry Reid’s comments explains it all.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Tuesday he had assembled a “rough draft” of an energy bill and would aim to bring the legislation to the Senate floor the week of July 26.

Reid (D-Nev.) said the bill would include provisions aimed at cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico and preventing further offshore drilling disasters, along with alternative energy and conservation incentives. The package is part of a broader effort by Democrats to promote initiatives with job-creation potential, as members of Congress head out on the 2010 campaign trail.

Got that? It is legislation for the 2010 campaign so they will have to put something in to make the Republicans vote no. The Democrats deserve to lose the 2010 election in a way that makes them wish it was 1994 again. Gulf cleanup does NOT belong in a general energy bill.


Investing in Alternative Energy

Most alternative energy stocks are down for the year. Why? Because they are not competitive without subsidies and with more and more governments facing debt problems, the subsidies are being reduced. Even if they are not cut immediately, the subsidies have to be high on the chopping block list.

RUSC: I think there’s actually a lot of political will for these technologies and the question is what format that will turns into. So, if you’re looking at creating jobs, I think there’s enormous amount of will towards creating jobs and developing new industries.

The question is “sustainable jobs”. Subsidized jobs are NOT sustainable. You are most likely reading this on a personal computer. The government never subsidized any personal computers. You could argue that some of the components were originally developed to meet the needs of military or space programs, but noting received a direct subsidy. But it was commercial applications that really pushed the development of the underling processors.

PRATT: Experts caution investing in alternative energy is not for the feint of heart. The stocks can be volatile, swinging wildly depending on which way the political winds are blowing. Suzanne Pratt, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT, New York.

If you find a company which produces a photovoltaic cell 10 times more efficient than current cells, it would be a great investment. And they won’t need government subsidies. Venture capitalists and investors will beat their doors down to throw money at them.


Judge blocks offshore drilling moratorium

Here is one judge who realizes the government has to live by the same “Rule of Law”. Send people out to review the deep drillers and review their paperwork, but they have followed the government rules and have government approval to drill.

NEW ORLEANS – A federal judge in New Orleans has blocked a six-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling projects that was imposed in response to the massive Gulf oil spill.

And people accused GW Bush of running an imperial presidency.

The President will appeal. This is breaking news to be sure.