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The best SOTU rebuttal

In another posting I used SOU for State of the Union when it should have been SOTU. Even an old skeptic, some would say cynic, can learn new things, or stand corrected. Anyway, here is Bill Whittle’s rebuttal to the STOU . Correction: That should be SOTU. Man forget old skeptic or cynic – just plain old!

YouTube Preview Image

You can watch more of his commentary at Declaration Entertainment – Firewall. Could we draft Bill for President? Doubtful but Bill Whittle for President!


Climate Change

On a Galactic Scale!

Climate change on Saturn? How can that be? What could cause such a huge storm?


Look who is really getting hate speech

Check out Legal Insurrection. Be sure to follow the Patterico link to see the most vitriol hate speech you could ever imagine. And it is NOT coming from the right. If Sarah Palin is so inept, why does the left dump so much hate on her? It is completely illogical and irrational.

And yet people want to make map symbols an issue. Symbolism over substance.


What made the Lame-Duck Congress work so well?

The media is giving the President all the credit. But what about the just say “No” Republicans? They won the midterm elections. Why would the No party suddenly become the Yes party? Politically, if they were truly the party of “No”, they would have continued to block everything until the 112th Congress when they would have more power.

The President does deserve the credit but the media is missing the reason. The reason things got done is because he, and some Democrat members of Congress, actually negotiated policy with the Republicans. For twenty two months, the Republicans seldom had a seat at the table. It wasn’t the obstruction of the Republicans so much as the ostracizing by the President and his party for 22 months.

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How progressive IS the US income tax?

Very progressive. In 1999, the bottom 50% of tax payers paid 4% of the individual income tax collected. In 2008, the bottom 50% with adjusted gross income under $33,048, which is gross less deductions, paid only 2.7% of the total individual income tax collected.

Add to the bottom 50% of tax payers those who paid no income tax or even received a tax credit, and it is obvious that more than half of the population pays little or no income tax. How much more progressive can you get?

Starting with Plato and Aristotle, the argument against a democracy surviving was that the population would continue to vote themselves benefits until the government would fail financially. And yet some people argue those old Greek philosophers are no longer relevant. Too bad the Greeks quit reading their own fathers of philosophy.


Julian Assange of Wikileak is a creepy jerk!

The leaker thinks all secrets should be revealed – except HIS secrets. And his secrets are down right creepy. Seems Shakespeare gave us the phrase “Hoist with your own petard” in Hamlet just for such occurrences.


Which state will go bankrupt first?

Odds are it will be Illinois or California. But there is no bankruptcy law for states. Justice Litle suggests a new bankruptcy law should be called “Chapter 66″ after route 66 which first connected Illinois to California.

“Forty-eight of 50 states face budget shortfalls this year,” they further report. “Many shortfalls amount to more than 20 percent of planned spending. The plunge in state tax revenue is the worst on record.”

Illinois is something of an idiot poster child for how bad things have gotten… and how tough the fix will be.

California is another poster child for impossible foolishness.

Follow the link to realize how bad the future of these states will be. They are in so deep they can’t get out short of a federal bailout.


Bob Feller passed away Dec 15, 2010

Bob Feller was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. One of his nicknames was “The Heater from Van Meter” because he was born and raised in Van Meter, Iowa, 17 miles west of Des Moines. He was 92 years of age.

At the age of 23, he was the first major leaguer to volunteer for military service in WWII when he joined the Navy. He served aboard the U.S.S. Alabama in the South Pacific and saw plenty of action.

Nine things you didn’t know about Bob Feller.

Much has been made about what his stats would have been had he not gone off to war. If you followed the volunteer link you know he had no regrets. He struck out many of the great hitters. Here Joe Posnanski, a Sports Illustrated writer tells about his experience with Bob Feller.

RIP Bob Feller. A great Iowa farm boy.


Tax bill stalls in House

Human Events:

The tax deal passed overwhelmingly by the Senate yesterday appears to have stalled in the House, due to Democrat demands for further revisions. Among the provisions they seek to attach is a further increase in the estate tax, already scheduled to rise to 35% under the deal between President Obama and the Republicans.

The severity of this roadblock has been described as “serious” to “insurmountable” by observers in early news reports. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly working on a way to bring her caucus together behind the bill, as the clock runs out on the 111th Congress.

It can not be confirmed if the Republicans told Pelosi, “Go ahead. Make my day!” The Huffington Post, which gets some funding from George Soros, uses “Stalls Temporarily” in its headline.


Michelle Malkin finds land grabs in the omnibus spending bomb

Lame Duck - Michelle Malkin

Great graphic! (Below is from her blog.)

Many of the items on the enviros’ wish list have been divvied up between the omnibus spending bill and the omnibus lands bill. (I’ve uploaded them both below for easy reference.)

The Democrats’ brazen serial abuse of the lame-duck session is as damning as the green job-killing agenda enshrined in the overstuffed public lands package. Earlier this month, Reid assigned worker bees on three Senate committees — Energy and Natural Resources, Commerce, and Environment and Public Works — to draw up their public lands wish list. All behind closed doors, of course. House Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., rightly dubbed it a “Frankenstein omnibus of bills” and pointed out that the legislation “includes dozens of bills that have never passed a single committee, either chamber of Congress, or even been the subject of a hearing.”