BlogDesk retrieval fixed

It was a bad date on a draft post. Finding it was made difficult because of changes made to fix other problems. So the first suspect was the changes. In the end, Arkham’s Razor (The simplest explanation is the best.) ruled the day – helped by running in debug mode. There would be no software in this world were it not for debuggers using debugging software.

If you use Firefox, there is an alternative blogging client called ScribeFire that runs as an extension. It is also free. Like all software comparisons , it has some advantages and disadvantages when compared to BlogDesk. If you don’t cross post to multiple blogs, ScribeFire might be of interest to you. It uses the Firefox spell checker so you won’t see a separate spell check button. Also some functions are on on the right click menu. The more command must be inserted using the drop-down arrow at the right end of the Scribefire tool bar. (This was posted with ScribeFire.)

It is easier to change text size. Or, font type. Or text color.

You can set it up as a split screen – at the bottom of your browser, as a separate tab, or in a separate window. Plus it puts an icon in your browser status bar so it is easy to open. Once you install it, go into Settings – > Publishing and clear all check boxes. Suggested settings:

ScribeFire Settings General

ScribeFire Settings  Formatting

ScribeFire Settings - Publishing

Other Firefox WordPress client extensions – Deepest Sender and WordPress Post.

Put in Webmaster category but it really is assistant Webmaster.

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