The Obamanation Report,,,,,,,,,,DZ

10/16/09 (Washington Examiner) With Bush out of office, the main stream press has lost interest in showing caskets of GI’s returning from battle! (Heritage Foundation) Obama care will put 29 million more adults on welfare. The 29 million will be on Medicad! 76 million kids will be added to the SCHIP (Kids on welfare) program.

(WSJ) Two thirds of all bad mortgages were purchased by Government agency’s, adding hundreds of billions to the US debt. (WSJ) Obama wants to give a one time $250 dollar gift to seniors, hoping this will bring them to the table on accepting Obama care. (Washington Times) The US dollar has lost favor as the currency of choice. The dollar has been replaced by the Yen, and the Euro. It is estimated this move cost Americans an immediate loss of 10% of their buying power.

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