Consensus on Global Warming is meaningless

First, consensus is NOT a scientific term. It can mean “general agreement” or “group solidarity in sentiment and belief”. The peer review process in most scientific journals does not use a consensus based process. Referees submit their opinions individually and there is not a strong effort to reach a group opinion. But this can be a bit slow if you want something to happen quickly. The fact that the word consensus was used as scientific proof is the first tip off that people need to be skeptical. The second alarm bell should sound when you realize the IPCC, most often quoted as proof or justification, is a United Nations organization. It is a political body and NOT a greatly respected scientific institution. Here are two videos that do a good job of succinctly delineating (love those two words together!) the scientific problems with the much hailed “Global Warming” – now renamed as “Climate Change”. Renaming the problem is alarm bell number three. Only someone having problems selling something changes the name.

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Soon after the first references to the IPCC report appeared, many scientist had doubts due to known and well documented events that seemed to be absent. Others, based on their area of expertise, suspected the investigators may have cherry-picked the historical data. Statisticians felt something was missing in the analysis. But the report was not presented for peer-review so there was no “original data” that could be checked. Most in the scientific community pretty much ignored it as a political statement. Only when it became the justification for policy decisions did scientists start talking among themselves and realized many had problems with the conclusions.

Most opposing videos have come from Canada, Britton, or Australia. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation- Global Warming Doomsday Called Off – (43:49 minutes). Apocalypse? No! (1:26:36 long one) – Lord Christopher Monckton lectures Cambridge University Students on Climate Change, and debunks Al Gore’s Film. 9 Minutes of Excerpts from the above.

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