Tuesday’s Elections (3 Nov 2009)

The counting will begin shortly. McDonnell (R) should win easily in VA and Doug Hoffman (I) should carry the NY-23. Sarah Palin using Facebook carries more weight than the so called GOP party leaders. Can you hear her NOW? A good number of Tea Party folks went up to help Hoffman – they just showed up and said they would do whatever was needed!

This will be enough for the Tea Party movement to ask “Can you hear us NOW!“. And don’t think it will be just Republicans. Bob McDonnell will also capture a good number of Tea Party Democrats. They will try to spin it as radical right-wing Republicans. In fact, Tea Party members who are Democrats will have the greatest influence. If you contact your Democrat House member and tell them you will vote Republican if he votes for Healthcare reform or Cap & Trade, you will really shake them up after tonight. Especially if they are in a historical Republican district. Given that the GOP elites supported Dede Scozzafava, who dropped out and then supported the Democrat, proves that the Republicans will also have to watch your party. Except for a few Republicans, they haven’t operated as paragons of limited government.

Update: Chris Christie (R) is projected as winner in New Jersey. Can you hear us NOW!

The Dems will spin this as no big thing and that it is not a reflection on Obama. The Republicans will say it is 1994 all over again. So we have to keep hammering the Reps also by reminding them we threw them out in 2006. And we wern’t even organized then!

This will give us an even better chance of killing Cap & Trade and the government takeover of Health care.

Update II: Hoffman didn’t win the NY-23. A lot will be made of this because this House seat has been Republican since the Civil War. Locals get a little ticked off when their local politics become national. In 2004, many Floridians who seldom voted, made a special effort to vote for George W. Bush. All to make sure no one would try to cherry-pick precincts or counties. They weren’t that keen on Bush, they just wanted to stick it to the Democrats for trying to win by using lawyers instead of the ballot box.

One thing is certain, candidates should not be selected by a few behind closed doors. Their pick folded and then supported the Democrat. Which pretty much confirms the national support of Hoffman was correct.

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