Did Goldman Sachs roll the FED and the US Treasury?

Which is to say, did they steal from the US taxpayers? Perhaps, but they certainly went to great lengths to cover their a$$ investments.

Glenn Beck’s segment on Goldman Sachs


McClatchy Newspapers also investigated Goldman Sachs. (“Truth to Power” on masthead means caution required – just check the comments.)

McClatchy videos.

Articles by Greg Gordon of McClatchy Newspapers

  • How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash
  • Goldman takes on new role: taking away people’s homes
  • Goldman left foreign investors holding the subprime bag

But did they break any laws? Don’t know, but someone better be looking at them very closely. In the mean time, boycott or bad mouth them at every opportunity. After we stop Healthcare and Cap & Trade, maybe the Tea Party Movement can take these clowns down.

This is yet another example that government is way to involved in business. NO ONE should be too big to fail. Congress should have passed a law to have the FED seize the companies. Then assets could be sold off and Goldman Sachs, and all the other to big to fail banks, would cease to exists.

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