Oct 2009 Unemployment 10.2%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 190,000 non-farm jobs lost to push the unemployment rate to 10.2%! This administrations management philosophy of
“Never let a serious crisis go to waste”
will go down in history as being below dumb. Even below stupid. They seem to have as their primary objective to show that Captain Smith of the Titanic was a management genius compared to their management style.

stimulus-vs-unemployment-october-dots- smallWhat is worse, the trend seems to be accelerating in the wrong direction (from Innocent Bystanders – read his text and follow the links about the Stimulus.) Also read Calculated Risk – Comparison of recessions (opens in new window).

We have to stop the health care reform and Cap & Trade. When you contact your Representatives and Senators, you might tell them it is our goal to make the loss of incumbents in 2010 and 2012 to be at least double the highest unemployment rate. Google has a page where you can check unemployment rate by state down to the county level – unadjusted.

You can check how many jobs have been created in your state at Recovery.gov. If you followed the links above, you know these may not be honest numbers but at least you can see who and where your money was spent.

But it is all Bush’s fault, even though the Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006! You should also inform your Congress people you KNOW unbalanced budgets and the national debt is totally the responsibility of the US Congress! We need to ensure they too fear losing their job!

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