Remembering and Supporting the Troops

The Anti-War movement just could not understand why they got so little traction against the War on Terrorists. A major factor was the 9/11 event. But they also failed to vilify the soldiers as they did during the Vietnam war. Two words why they failed to paint the soldiers as evil baby killers. Baby Boomers. At least the leading edge of that group. They, or their friends and or family, were subject to the draft. Far too many remember those who lost their life on a distance shore like those before them. And no matter how they felt about the Vietnam war, as they aged they found out how terribly the solders were treated upon return. They also learned that the military had been quite successful, especially under General Greighton Abrams (clear and hold – sound familiar? And yes the M1 tank is named after him.), that the much hailed Tet Offensive was a defeat for the NVA, and almost all of the combat troops had come home by 1973. Two years before Saigon fell in 1975. No it was Richard Nixon’s paranoid stupidity, which allowed the Democrats to sweep Congress and deny funding for South Vietnam – mostly ammunition. The South Vietnamese literally ran out of ammunition. This is why the greatest fear of the Iraqis today is that we will just declare victory, fold our tents, and leave them stranded. In spite of Desert Storm .

So today we salute the veterans. First called Armistice Day to commemorate the armistice to end World War I on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. But we now honor all who have served, both those who have returned and those who did not, from the Revolutionary War to our current conflicts. Most are unknown to us but we owe them much. As does Europe and a good portion of the world. So it is proper to remember them one day each year. As a nation, we have never been prepared for war. It was the resilience and courage of the citizen members of our military that was, and is, our militaries greatest strength.

There is much you can do to support the troops. Soldiers’ Angels is one of many support groups that has many fine programs. Valour-IT is a special program that illustrates real world problem solving by a couple of thinking individuals.

The Ballad of Captain Z – he was one of the original Milbloggers.

Cox & Forkum Tribute to Valour-IT and sold at auction 2005.

Cox & Forkum Valour-IT

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