The case for Anthropogenic Global Warming just took a BIG HIT!

Someone hacked the British Hadley CRU (Climate Research Unit) and got 61 zipped Megabytes of emails and documents which they then posted to an FTP server. If this holds up, and so far no one has found bad email headers, AGW is headed for tough sledding (pun intended). It could well finish off Cap & Trade Tax in the US Congress.

In short, it shows a deliberate attemp to “fix” the data to fit the global warming, modified to AGW, further modified to Climate Change, narrative. Which explains why the real pros started questioning the data. The original IPCC historical temperature plot did not have the Medieval Warm Period or the Maunder Minimum (or Little Ice Age – note the paintings). Both of which are well documented historically. Links:

  • Watts Up With That – one of the earliest critics.
  • Aussie Herald Sun
  • Telegraph – UK
  • Climate Audit – Another early critic – Server is slow or unreachable and never got the page to load. Steve McIntyre may have been the first critic because of statistical errors he detected.

Suggestion: Someone should hack AARP and all the other proponents of national health care.

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