The Future of the Tea Party Movement

Some think the movement should become a third party. That would be a mistake but it would please the elites of the two main parties. The movement may well be mostly composed of GOP conservatives, but they are most likely fiscal conservatives and not necessarily social conservatives. The same is true of Democrats and Independents in the movement. The common thread is fiscal responsibility. They are also knowledgeable and therefore know the main target must be the US Congress. Further, many Republicans would gladly vote for a Democrat if they were fiscally conservative and true adherents of Jeffersonian democracy .

Okay, we had to learn the hard way that in the modern world it was necessary to maintain a standing army and navy. In the history of our nation, we have not had a sufficient core group prepared for war until AFTER Vietnam. At the start of WWII, the US Army ranked 17th in the world – right behind Rumania. Plus defending the US, controlling the borders, and maintaining waterways, is directly specified in the constitution, Article I Section 8. Just review Article I and compare what tasks Congress was assigned to what the Congress is doing today. Now some of these things may well be necessary, but a huge number of these endeavors have not even come close to achieving the original objective. These should be defunded and shut down.

Start by working in local politics. If one of the major parties out numbers the other by 2 to 1 in registered voters, you likely have some level of corruption. This is true at all levels of government. In local politics, watch land and real estate deals. Whitewater was a perfect example. If it hadn’t been a failed development, the Clinton’s would have made a LOT of money with little or no investment. This is not limited to any one party. You, and especially investigative journalists, should check land transactions starting four or five years before an airport expansion, highway route change, city annexations, and similar events. Politicians often know about these changes long before the general public. Also watch quasi-governmental organizations that are tax payer funded but often operate under the radar of the general public – like water resource councils, airport and port authorities or, in the case of New Orleans, Levee Districts. They spent very little of their tax revenue maintaining the levees and are still blaming others. Often these quasi-government institutions have little oversight.

Here is an example from the Senate Levee Hearings.

Committee Chairwoman Susan Collins asked Huey about whether the Orleans Levee Board was required to inspect its levees.

“Mr. Huey, is it accurate that the first time you became aware of the federal regulation requiring inspections of the levees at least once every 90 days was when our committee staff read that regulation to you?” asked Collins, a Maine Republican.

“Yes, ma’am,” Huey responded.

Collins criticized the Orleans Levee Board, saying it devoted time to managing properties — including two marinas and an airport — and managing a license for a floating casino instead of focusing on its core mission.

Huey said the businesses helped him turn the board’s $6 million deficit into a $21 million surplus. He was forced to operate the businesses because the state legislature cut the levee district’s tax revenues in half, he said.

But wouldn’t you want your local officials to serve the primary functions first? Especially if your family was dependent upon the levee holding? Absolutely!

Find a Think Tank in your state – Iowa.

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One Response to “The Future of the Tea Party Movement”

  • Your right on target. Glenn Beck is starting a national program leading up to the 2010 elections, that should help the Tea Party’s, and the public in general, reclaim our Nation.