The One Hundred “Best” Books For an Education

Will Durnat first published his list in The American Magazine (December, 1929). He repeated the list in Chapter 4 of his The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time. “Let me have seven hours a week,” Durant says, “and I will make a scholar and a philosopher out of you; in four years you shall be as well educated as any new-fledged Doctor of Philosophy in the land.”

You can see or download a list (PDF) of his 100 books. At today’s prices, 100 books could well rival the cost to attend your state university for a year. Not to worry. Since the Internet is the greatest library on earth, someone has found the books, or books of equal subject and quality when necessary, free on the Internet. So you can have the knowledge of a BA in Liberal Arts degree, or even a Phd, that will rival any of the most prestigious institutions; you only have to invest seven hours per week for four years.

Want something of a more prestigious heritage? How about the Harvard 5-foot bookshelf here and here – also free.

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