Ho! Ho! Ho! – Merry Christmas!

At 7 am this morning, the dawn of Christmas Eve 2009, the Obama administration and the Democrat party, will most likely put a chunk of coal in your stocking. Sen. Nelson (D-NE) has caved; He may well pay a price since about 70% of his constituents are opposed to the bill – and he got a sweetheart deal for his state.

Vote on cloture - Sen Health Care BillNot much activity on the floor during the vote. The celebration started a bit later in the hall. This was from C-span2. All in all, pretty pathetic.

It didn’t take long for some of the details to stir up members of Congress. First the President asked The House to rubber stamp the Sen bill but they declined. No doubt you find this a total surprise.

49 states will have to pay for Medicaid for Nebraska. The CBO found an error, either in their analysis or in the bill, that double counted the “so-called” savings. Does anyone believe the Government ever spends less then projected? They can’t even predict the annual deficit! Oh, and several states will have Medicare Advantage grandfathered in. The Sen bill taxes Cadillac plans which would hit union members.

The only thing that can save us now is dissent within the Democrat party and the plethora of lawsuits sure to follow. There is also this:

Rasmussen Poll Healthcare ReformMany Democrats are starting to be more than a little concerned about their jobs.

One thing should be certain to any logical and reasoning citizen. This was never about reform; It was all about taking over the US healthcare system.

However, it is still going to be a tough fight. This administration believes in “The Chicago Way” and they have no aversion to bribery via sweetheart deals, throwing people under the bus, or capping a few knees.

We have to make sure our Representatives and Senators understand they will pay a price. Unfortunately, the national Republican party seems almost as clueless as the Democrats. Well we threw out the Republicans and we can throw out the Democrats. Further we can rinse and recycle as many times as necessary to clean out all the stains on our representative democracy. Ask yourself where Jefferson, Madison and Adams would stand? Most likely with us.

Fittingly, the Senate also had to raise the ceiling on the national debt to 12.4 trillion. They will most likely have to do so again before the 2010 elections.

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