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This is posted on the NPR web site, and was originally posted 12 Nov 2009. It is still there. Some claim the creator, Mark Fiore, is an Independent from San Francisco. Life as an independent must be very lonely in San Fran. At least he didn’t use the more derogatory “Teabagger” like most of the left – including the prime time hosts on MSNBC.

Was there tax money involved? Can you imagine if he did a similar animation about anything viewed favorably by the left? Apparently, if you think your government should follow the Constitution and stay true to the principals of the founding fathers, you are in the wrong. Those making light of the Tea Party movement seem to suffer from short term memory loss since they have forgotten about all those Bush-Hitler references.

BTW, the Nazi Party started out as the German Workers’ Party. The name was then changed to National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Gee, the only words they forgot to include were Democratic or Republic. Modern day bad guys no longer make that mistake. Hugo Chávez of Venezuela founded the “Fifth Republic Movement” after his coup d’état attempt failed in 1992.

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