Why your state policies matter

First thing to note is high tax and union states tend to have the highest unemployment. And that leads to lots of problems as the state must cut expenses by eliminating services. Of course they always cut critical services first – like police and fire.

The contentions between Boeing, the unions, and the state of Washington has been growing for several decades. Well, no more.

Union leaders never point out that contract gains seldom cover the cost the workers endured during a strike. What advantage is there in having another layer of management fat cats? Seems those union leaders live almost as good a life as the company management and most certainly better than the middle and lower management.

So not only does the Tea Party movement have to work on cleaning up the US Congress, they also must become active in local and state politics. Again, party affiliation is not important. It is far more important that the candidate understands the role of government. A Jeffersonian democrat will always be welcomed. Well, Jefferson didn’t think much of cities but then that is were the problems are greatest today; And in today’s world, we must have a standing army and navy. Other than those two points, it would still be a good platform today. If you want jobs in your state, then the state must be favorable to business, or at least not impose uncompetitive restrictions on business.

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