Thank God for global warming!

Otherwise it would be really cold!

The state lotteries are thinking about starting a lottery based on when the first Polar Bear will be sighted in the lower 48.

Fox is considering a one hour special “When Polar Bears Attack!”.

Recently, spy satellites have been used to track changes in the polar ice cap. The Global Warming believers were thrilled when no polar bears were spotted on the polar ice. A sure sign of Global Warming. Their glee was crushed however when on the next pass, the satellite passing further south, the polar bears were seen moving south across Canada.

Should you sight a Polar Bear, immediately call Lisa Jackson at the EPA and request additional CO2 so they go back to the Polar Circle. But you better take a picture and write up a fake science document or she won’t believe you.

And remember the sun is still very quiet! Will they call it Maunder Minimum II or Little Ice Age II? Perhaps it could be called “IPCC Lied Ice Age”. Or “Climategate Ice Age”.

We are ruled by people suffering from SDD (Science Deficit Disorder).

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