Good Job!

The broadcast last night went very well. You are all to be commended. No doubt more will watch as the word gets out. But even if you drop the live broadcast, you can always stream the event the next day but would loose the chat. And good audio is more important than real high quality video. Unless live stream can offer low-res and high-res, it takes high bandwidth to do top notch video.

So congrats to all those who worked to make the forum a successful reality. It will be interesting to see what kind of press and feedback you get concerning the event.

To the critics, well you can sit and complain, accept the current status-quo because it is so marvelous, or you can do something to improve our state and country. After months of both parties ignoring the Tea Party movement, they are starting to take notice. Much of the media has also ignored the movement, and routinely make jokes about the participants. We will see if they are laughing after 2 Nov 2010.

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