“It’s The People’s Seat.”

Scott Brown is running to win the Massachusetts Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy since 1962. He has consistently gained on the Democrat candidate and the Democrats are at least concerned if not scared. With this one line, “It’s the people’s seat.” , anyone who understands the founding fathers principals, would vote for him.

In Massachusetts, Democrats out number Republicans by 3 to 1. Most likely there is a great deal of corruption in the state. Remember the Boston “Big Dig“? Estimated cost 2.8 billion (1982 Dollars = 6 billion in 2006 dollars) for a 3.5 mile tunnel, turned into a 14.6 billion project (8.08 billion in 1982 dollars). By the end there were charges of fraud and shoddy work that ended in lawsuits and arrests.

Here is another example of a political machine run amuck.

Kennedy’s passing left his Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat vacant. A special election was scheduled for January 19, 2010. Shortly before his death, Kennedy had written to Democratic Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts legislature to change state law to allow an appointee to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy, for a term expiring upon the special election. (Kennedy had been instrumental in the prior 2004 alteration of this law in an effort to prevent Governor Mitt Romney from appointing a Republican senator should John Kerry’s presidential campaign succeed.) The law was amended, and on September 24, 2009, Paul G. Kirk, former Democratic National Committee chairman, and former aide to Kennedy, was appointed to occupy the Senate seat until the completion of the special election. Kirk announced that he would not be a candidate in the special election.

The citizens of MA should vote Scott Brown into the Senate on a landslide vote. Just to teach the political machine they can’t be ruled as if they lived in a totalitarian country. If Brown wins short of a landslide, the Democrats will do everything possible to delay him from taking his seat in the US Senate to ensure health care reform passes. Think Florida 2000 backed by a corrupt political machine that does not have to answer to the Supreme Court.

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