Remember when the Pentagon allowed photos of caskets at Dover AFB?

At least the Pentagon has allowed families of the fallen to have a say. One photo-op by the President and then nothing. A sure sign that it is now Obama’s war. If Bush were still in office, pictures of returning caskets would be shown with each plane that touched down. Just another example of bias. Even now, on ABC This Week, the “In Memoriam” segment always uses, “soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan”, even though the KIA in Iraq have been less than in Afghanistan for months. And if you were to be chronologically correct, it would be Afghanistan and Iraq. But more and more there are weeks with no KIA in Iraq. The after show, ‘The Green Room‘ got the Bernanke brew-ha-ha exactly right. Plus listen for the key word ‘uncertainty’. Plus a couple of youngsters do a good job at playoff picks.

Any members of Congress that pushed for this change should be thrown out of office.

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