State of the Union Speech

Well tonight is the night. Obviously the Mass. election of Scott Brown caused a lot of rewriting. It will be all about Jobs and Fiscal Responsibility. But that is just words. Statistically, the SOTU address has seldom ushered in any great changes. However things to watch are agenda items:

  • Health Care
  • Cap & Tax
  • Immigration
  • Card Check

Fiscal responsibility will be to freeze discretionary spending for three years – after already increasing it by 20% or more. Of course more stimulus spending. All in an attempt to make it easier for Democrats to get elected in the fall. Too late. Unemployment will still be 10% with slow growth. The other change, brought about the Scott Brown election, at least in Congress, pertains to civil criminal trials of terrorists and the criminal treatment of the Christmas bomber. The idea of closing GITMO and giving terrorists citizen rights ranks right up there with “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Absurdly idiotic.

Seems the best idea is to record the speech and then channel hop the talking heads afterwards.

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