Tea Party Patriots, Inc.

The truth behind the tea parties by David Freddoso.

The Tea Party Movement’s high level of activity reflects true voter anger among mostly Republican and independent voters, upset by what they have seen from the Obama administration — and yes, from its Republican predecessor, too.

The DCCC’s Chairman, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, conceded in a conference call last week that it is a legitimate movement. Instead of giving the typical, demeaning reaction that many politicians give the tea partiers, he expressed hope that grassroots tea partiers will see Republicans for the corporatists they really are.

Republican corporatists? Who was it that made deals behind closed doors with big Pharma, AMA, AARP, and who knows how many more. And more people should have read Mr. Freddoso’s book, The Case Against Barack Obama before the election.

The Tea Party Patriots, Inc. and their Contract From America. The problem with having politicians signing an agreement is that there is no down side if they choose to ignore the agreement. Unless you can throw them out of office. A better approach would be to have the candidate delineate what they really believe and see how well it fits with the contract points.

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