The Presidents 2011 budget is up

It is up on the Internet. It is also:

  • UP on spending
  • UP on taxing
  • UP on deficit

But not to worry because it is ‘A New Era of Responsibility’. They got that right because we will be holding them responsible. And you all will be working soon because this year, as opposed to last year, jobs are #1. The Democrats are going to pay a heavy price on Nov 2, 2010 because they bought into “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Their mistake hangs over their heads like the Sword of Damocles and all they have left in their quiver is spin. Any recovery will be in spite of our illustrious politicians and not due to their intellect or understanding of Macroeconomics.

The question remains however whether the GOP has learned their lessons from 2006 and 2008. Nothing slows an economy more than government that takes more than 20% of GDP.

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