The Obamanation Report,,,,,,,,,,DZ

Even though the global warming hoax has been fully exposed, to the point that Super Bowl commercials poked fun at the green zelets, the administration is not going to let the truth get in the way of an oppressive Government program. Obama is full steam ahead writing regulations to be enforced by the EPA. Now, here’s where it’s gets interesting. Several top Democrats (committee chairman) are introducing legislation to remove carbon as a dangerous pollutant, thereby ending oppressive regulations by the EPA at the direction of the White House. Nothing is a done deal at this point, so heads up, and contact your Representatives.

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One Response to “The Obamanation Report,,,,,,,,,,DZ”

  • Loren:

    Here’s hoping for change we can believe in! The Democrats, especially after Scott Brown won in Mass., have to be getting a little concerned. It could be 1994 all over again.