Iowa Tea Party supporters

From the Des Moines Register:

Iowa Tea Party Supporters

With 33% of all voters supporting the Tea Party movement, they may well control ALL fall elections. But if you look at the breakdown by party affiliation, they look even stronger. Half of Independents and 17% of Democrats would be enough to elect a “Tea Party” candidate even if Democrats were 50% of the electorate.

Take note media types. This is proof the movement is NO LONGER solely a GOP organization. More and more Independents and Democrats are joining, or at least following the movement. Besides, we would be thrilled, and the nation would be much better served, if we were lucky enough to influence BOTH parties! Come on Democrats, you can do your part for our nation as well. Not to mention your children and grandchildren. Besides, it was Bill Clinton who said “The era of big government is over” – even if the Republicans of the last decade didn’t think it applied to them.

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One Response to “Iowa Tea Party supporters”

  • dennis zellaha:

    This might be good news, except, only 34% of Republicans support Tea Party’s. This means that 66% are RINO’S!