Mr. Obama (President) we cant afford you.

pOur President must either have a screw loose, or he has a plan that rational thinkers have yet to discover. The Country is broke, and going broker at a breakneck speed under the current president. He makes Bushs outrageous spending seem like that of a frugal man. If the Democrats hold firm, and do not give in to this madman, then it is possible we may yet /
The man does act God like, and is the dictionarys version of a narcissist, so he is a clear and present danger to the Republic of the United States. We do have serious problems, and Bush II is at blame for this in part. This man could have been a hero, a black man who showed the world, we have arrived. So fare he is showing us the same stripes as the dictators of Africa, but with an Ivy league education, and the rhetoric of Hitler. My God have mercy on our souls./p

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One Response to “Mr. Obama (President) we cant afford you.”

  • Loren:

    There is a fine line between audacity and arrogance. Our President has crossed the line.