Obamacare 2.0 – Struggles along

From Speaker Pelosi, “We will do whatever is necessary.” Not unlike our founding fathers but with the intent of bypassing the US Constitution. They intend to “DEEM” the Senate bill passed so no one has to vote for or against the bill. We have them feeling a litte nervous!

And those “special” deals that were to be eliminated? Well, some, if not most, will still be included. Cost? They have no idea, but the cost almost certainly will be higher. And the special deals are most likely continuing behind close doors.

The health care proponents point out that under GW Bush voting was held open for three hours to pass the Medicare Part D (prescription drug) legislation. Well that was also unfunded and was one of the reasons the Republicans got kicked out. But this administration is even more egregious – a total abuse of power!

Yesterday the Capital phone system was so busy even the reporters couldn’t get through. The President is so desperate he will allow himself to be interviewed on Fox News Channel!! Did they call Glenn Beck’s Red Phone?

Can you imagine if GW Bush had done this? Keep sending emails and calling. You might have better luck calling local state offices of your Representative and it will carry more weight.

This has nothing to do about health care reform. It is all about the government taking over one sixth of the US economy. They will then ration care to reduce the national debt. Your premiums will go up along with your taxes.

They need about 4 or 5 to switch and this is still mostly a fight within the Democrat party. If you have a Democrat Representative in a district that voted for McCain make sure you let them know you oppose the bill. The same is true for the Pro-Life Democrats. These are the ones being targeted by the Administration.

Also buried in the bill is a complete government takeover of student loans. No one points out that the costs that have consistently increased faster than inflation is health care and college, even education in general. The government is heavily involved in all these segments of the economy.

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