Don’t quit the fight over Obamacare

Right now things look bleak with the progressives and socialists spinning everything as rosy and it was an “out of the park” home run. They see this as an entitlement, and like Social Security and Medicare, would therefore be untouchable. But wait! Consider this. Most of the benefits don’t start until 2014 while the pain will start almost immediately. The Democrats front loaded some benefits thinking it would make it more difficult to act against the bill politically. The number who will benefit is much smaller than the number who will feel the pain. Insurance rates will almost certainly increase and most of the taxes come immediately. That means the bill can be made a campaign issues for both the 2010 and 2012 elections. The battle was lost but this war is far from over.

Congress will be returning to their home districts shortly. Start calling their home offices in their districts a couple of days before they get home. The Republicans may not have learned their lessons but we must make sure the Republicans gain control of the House.

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