Ron Paul – Conspiracy Theorist???

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Ron Paul has a few good ideas but he also seems to follow conspiracy theories. Consider the claim that the US armed Saddam. Any search engine gets lots of hits on how the US armed Saddam. Which means those people, some from major media centers, never did any checking .

While originally established to stop financial panics and economic depressions, the FED now is required, or at least assumed, to provide stable prices, high employment, and economic growth! That is an almost impossible task. Especially when Congress keeps changing the rules of the game or conteract market forces.

The FED is our only hope at present – and most likely for some time to come. Our financial debt has nothing to do with the FED and everything to do with Congress. Does anyone want the FED to raise interest rates to 8%, or even 15%, to stop a bubble in one corner of the economy? A corner of the economy for which Congress has created a regulatory bureaucracy? The price to be paid would be a general recession. Remember Alan Greenspan’s Irrational Exuberance? The FED warns Congress time and time again but they never will do what is necessary because one party or the other has constituents or special interests who oppose fixing the problem. Fannie and Freddie are only the current poster children of Congressional stupidity. Its treatment of Fan & Fred, plus their actions to correct the problem, proves that Congress suffers from EDD!

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