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US judge orders release of 9/11 recruiter

Okay judge. We should release him at Angels 20. But if the release is near Denver, then it should be Angels 25. Or, to cover all terrain, your honor should write the order as 20,000 AGL. Just to show we are not barbarians, we will also release a pig with a parachute attached which will open at Angels 10.

This guy recruited individuals to slit the throats of flight attendants with box cutters. He is not human and therefore has no human rights let alone US Citizen rights. In fact, the pig would be more human so we will not release the pig with a parachute. That would be inhuman. Read the rest if you don’t know Angels or AGL.

Angels = Altitude in thousands of feet above MSL
MSL = Mean Sea Level
AGL = Above Ground Level

ACLU = American Communist Lawyers Union

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