INFORMATION:   I do not know if I am your friend John McCain, but I am sure that the Rednecks’ and all of Bubas’ will see right through this. I do believe you owe all of us this letter.  So it is that you are writing to us on behalf of the CAGW, Citizens Against Government Waste.

CONCERN:  Thank you for the information stating that Congress recently appropriated billions, how many billions you did not say,to wage the war on terrorism. Then you tell us that recently Congress appropriated billions and then more billions that were earmarked for pork-barrel projects that the Pentagon neither wanted or needed.  Is it true that many of these pork-barrel programs purpose is to help the re-election chances of their congressional sponsors? In your next breath you tell us that,”our men and women are doing a spectacular job in Afghanistan and Iraq, but unfortunately, our success means that our nation’s stockpile of some of our most important high tech weapons is running low.” Ya John, unfortunately! Oh John! Oh John! Did you read what you have written? I can not believe it. We Readnecks and Bubas’ even get it that the success of our loved ones is to be blamed for the shortfall of important high tech weapons and then you clear up your flub by telling us we would think Congress would be using the Defense Budget to re-equip our fighting men and women. We sure would John. And now I quote you as stating,”but tragically that’s not the case.” Why John?


  1. One of the greatest rip-offs of the taxpayers and the nations defenses in history, Congressmen and Senators tried to divert $23.5 billion that could be to pay for vital weapons and instead force the Air force to lease 100 of Boeing’s 767 airliners with the U.S. taxpayer paying for their conversion to military tankers. John and one of his colleagues and CAGW blocked this $23.5 billion giveaway. Thank you John.
  2. Are you now saying that $14.5 million was spent on Brown Tree Snakes? Yes.
  3. CAGW can demonstrate that there is not only growing alarm at the disastrous shape of our nation’s defense, but there is outrage at the idea that the funds needed to keep our Armed Forces safe and in peak fighting shape are being siphoned off for the pork-barrel projects of some Congressman or Senator. Is this true John? Yes.
  4. CAGW is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1984 By J Peter Grace and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Jack Anderson. I, John McCaine joined the Board of Governors in 1996. Where were you from 1996 to when you ran for President of the United States John?

Our nation’s military force is smaller than it was during Desert Storm. What happened during the eight years before President Bush took office was one of the fastest and most shocking unilateral disarmaments in American history. Why didn’t you let us know John? Consider a few startling facts everyone.

a. There was cannibalization of our most critical aircraft including the F-14, F-15, F-117,F/A-18 and B1B, increased at a truly alarming rate in the late 1990′s. Why did you not tell us about this John? Where were you John?

b.Thousand of military personal are on food stamps. Why John?

c.The Army’s strength was reduced by 10 divisions and a total of 630,000 men after 1989 and overall our forces were cut in half. John we did not know this. Where were you then John?

d. The average age of Air Force aircraft is more than 24 years old and still climbing. WoW! John,we did not know that. Where were you John? Why did you not tell us?

Now John says,”In short, our Armed Forces have been robbed of hardwear, training and incentives, and as a result, there has been a massive exodus of highly skilled individuals from our military.” ” The frist eight years the Clinton Administration consistently under-funded our nations defense requirements.” Here it comes, quoting John,”and second, Congress is not spending our defense dollars where most needed. Billions upon billions of tax dollars continue to be spent not to increase defense readiness, but on low-priority, pork-barrel projects.”

John’s letter goes on and on. The Air Force wanted just five C-130 airlifters. They are cargo types, drop paratroopers, deliver troops, weapons and ammunition near the front lines. They got 262 of them over a period of twenty years because they were built in the home districts of some of Congress’s most influential members. They were unneeded. Shame! Shame! Shame! John, You should have told us.

The Navy did not want a ship that was built for $1.5 million in a state of one of the most powerful United States Senators. Who John?

This finally is the last straw, the end of the line, the straw that broke the camels back, the fat lady has sung, everything is hay wire. Where were you John when we needed you? Last year’s Defense Budget included $7.3 billion in pork-barrel projects, $23 million for the National Drug Center , $5 million for the Maui High Performance Computing Center, $4.8 million for the Jamaica Bay Unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area, $3.2 million for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, $1.2 million for the National Bureau for Asian Research, and $1 million for Atmospheric Water Harvesting.

John said he could go on and on. I am sick already. Congress did it to the Social Security Trust Fund and now the National Defense Budget. There is no Social Security Trust Fund and apparently Congress is raiding the Defense Fund now. I wonder how the Congress will feel when they are forced by the Victor to get on their knees to wash the streets under their pork-barrels.

At least John has guts. Why he did not tell us this when he was running for the Presidency, I can not answer.  Can any of you tell us?   Do you suppose he might have won if he would have really leveled with the American people? YES, JOHN HAS GUTS. He ends his letter by asking for a contribution of $25,$35, $50,$75 or more for the hard-hitting campaign by CAGW. John also wants you all to sign a petition.

Last but not least John offers this P.S.,” No one wants to tell an armed services member that billions are being diverted from the Defense Budget to pork-barrel spending.”

I agree with you John,  on this point, and I will bet the Congress does not want to tell them either.   John how would you have felt if this was the condition of things when you were in the service?

You check it out. It is your money and freedom at stake.

I am very sorry you will have to find the petition in order to sign it.

GOD bless you and your family. May my Father in heaven keep you and yours safe and free.



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  • William C Sankey:

    John McCain ran for one reason only. That was to make sure that Obama would win. That is why he did not tell about these things. He did not want to win.