The growing anger

What happened? You go to bed in a normal world but wake up to reports of anger everywhere. Even Paul Krugman, the Nobel economist of the New York Times writes about anger and NOT about the final CBO report of the 2011 budget. (National debt reaching 90% of GDP by 2020.) Every news network and all the talking head shows are talking about anger. Someone must have sent out a memo! Anyone remember any significant news reports of anger the day before? What few were reported turned out to be way over-hyped and some grossly in error.

If you were a skeptic, and certainly if you were a cynic, you just know this was nothing but a propaganda move by the party in power. What headline were they trying to cover up? The recess appointments? Maybe the CBO final report on 2011 budget? A real reporter would start digging.

Its like the whole opposition is going postal. Not really. And you can rest assured the term “going postal” was never used by any of those “journalists” covering the memo story. The whole thing is enough to make you really angry!

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