Links to check out 3/28/2010

Good Grief – Sarah Palin’s gun-imagery. But then the left and feminists never mention Annie Oakley either. The crosshair map at Uncle Jimbo’s blog. Note the crosshairs at the top and the symbols on the map – the latter being common graphic symbols. Odds are most of the critics have never looked through a scope. More samples.

Obama’s bump from passing Health Care Reform peaked at 51% – gone and then some. As more details come out, it may drop further. Five counties in Florida – not the whole state, just five counties, get special treatment via FL Sen. Bill Nelson (D).

The Declaration of Independence (Throw the Bums Out Edition)

Judge Andrew Napolitano – Hope he is right!

Tea Party – Russian Style. Boy do we surround them! Putin rehabilitating Stalin.

The battle for Kandahar is beginning – Michael Yon. The photo that made him famous – just a day at work for him. But if you put it on a book cover, well it has those ISBN numbers and copyright things. Now if some fat dude with deep pockets should steal it – well there are a bunch of retired military dudes (and dudetts?) who went to law school.

A few dozen or hundreds of Tea Party folks meet up at Silverlight, Nevada. Apparently CNN didn’t see these photos.

The future of US health care?

The devil is in the details and too few knew the details of the Health Care Reform bill. Perhaps they can send Judge Napolitano instead.

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