Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to resign

Some in the media even use liberal in their headline. But there is another story that is seldom mentioned. He is the only protestant and veteran on the Supreme Court. Six of the eight are Catholics and two are Jewish. All are from Harvard or Yale. Does this represent our nation? If we were to apply issue group politics, as the Democrats are so found of doing, then we have a new under represented group in America. It is the WASP-American. Sure, that will fly. Yet that is the argument used in so much of our politics today, but for different groups.

Actually, any judge, regardless of ethnicity and religion, could represent our nation just fine if they all saw their role as ruling based on principles laid down by our founding fathers in the Constitution and applying proper logic. Far too many interest groups use the courts to subvert the wishes of the people. From moral issues – pro-abortion but oppose the death penalty for the likes of Ted Bundy or John Couey – to fundamental freedoms – allowing unions who use forced dues to finance candidates an individual might oppose yet forbidding corporations to use earnings generated by the capital of shareholders to finance candidates (recently overturned). These are prime example of non sequitur logic (Latin for “it does not follow”). Want more non sequitur logic? Atheism versus theism. One is belief in a god while the other is belief there is no god. Both are belief systems. Neither can be proven or disproved. Yet courts rule in favor of one belief system over the other. That does not follow even common sense. Maybe common sense has at its core sound logical reasoning.

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