2011 Budget?

When will the 2011 budget resolution be completed? Most likely after the mid-term elections, after which, a lot of Democrats will be lame ducks!

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday confirmed what Democrats have been hinting at for weeks: A budget resolution in 2010 may not happen.

Hoyer said it will be hard for Democrats to pass a resolution because of the inherent political pressure of an election year and the large projected deficit.

“We will see if we have the votes to do so,” Hoyer told reporters Tuesday at his weekly press conference. “It’s difficult to pass budgets in election years because they reflect what the [fiscal] status is.”

The CBO estimates the Obama budget will have deficits that average $1 trillion for the next ten years. So what should we do? Write your Congress person and call them on not doing Job #1 of the US Congress. You can also ask them how that health care bill is working out for them. The Republicans should sponsor a bill before the mid-terms to exempt Congress from the bill so the Democrats are forced to vote Nay. This is going to get ugly.

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