Canadians Fear Rising Health Care Costs Unsustainable

From a PDF file of news release:

Ottawa, March 8, 2010 – A poll of Canadians conducted for the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) shows that most feel the steadily increasing cost of providing universal health care in Canada will handcuff governments’ ability to provide services such as education, transportation and pension benefits.

The poll, conducted for the CMA by Ipsos Reid, asked Canadians if they agreed or disagreed that health care would eclipse other public spending priorities. Results found that 59% of respondents said they would. When pressed as to how the sustainability crunch in health care spending should be addressed, most (91%) said making the health care system more efficient and effective was the best way to slow down growing health care costs. Two-thirds (66%) said rewards and penalties to encourage healthy living could help slow down growing health costs.

You mean single payer systems are also facing rising costs? Who knew? Everyone. They just didn’t tell you because those in power think single payer is the solution for US Health Care.

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