March Unemployment

From Calculated Risk – with notes.


September will be the last numbers released before the Nov. 2, 2010 elections. If the recovery approximates the down curve, we have two points of interest to suggest the September unemployment. Note: Most likely, this is the best that can be expected. These points are May (9.4%) and June (9.7%) of 2009. The rate for March 2010 was 9.7%. In essence – FLAT for the foreseeable future. The Republicans better start working on a plan.

Here is Geoff’s (Innocent Bystanders) famous curve with future projection based on Congressional testimony by “Turbo Tax” Geithner and others.


Two points. First, it is highly unlikely employment will be significantly better by the fall elections. Bad for the Democrats. Second, young people really need to wake up and get involved in the Tea Party movement. They are SOOOO screwed!

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