The Republicans better have a plan to fix the mess

The President is also showing real weakness in one more area that is critical to the Democrats’ coalition: The Mountain West. For an idea of how the Democrats are faring in swing states, the map below illustrates a rough average of the President’s approval in recent state polls. A dark red state has the President’s net approval rating at negative 10 or less, while a dark blue state is positive ten or more.

Obama Approval Rating 100414

Almost all of the Bush states are 10 points or more against the President now, while Florida and Ohio are close to -10. The President is underwater in all of the Mountain West states except for New Mexico, and badly so. If we extrapolate to the Congressional level, we can probably assume that in the average swing district, Democratic incumbents are probably running into serious headwinds.

From Real Clear Politics. This administration will try to cramdown Cap & Tax, Card-Check, and immigration reform before the new Congress is seated.

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