The rising violence

FBI Director Mueller warns about radical groups. This is proof that even the FBI director suffers from SDD. If the population in general are angry and distrustful of their government, it is only logical that radical discontent would increase just as activist citizen discontent. Mr. Mueller, the first rule of statistics is, “Correlation does not mean cause and effect” – someone in the FBI statistics group no doubt can explain this to you. From the Pew poll -

Americans’ feelings about the federal government run more toward frustration rather than anger. In the current survey, 56% say they are frustrated with the federal government, 21% say they are angry and 19% say they are basically content.

Yup, we are frustrated. Some to the point of anger. We can’t understand how all those people from elite universities can be so f’ing stupid. Too bad they don’t teach a course in Common Sense but then Common Sense seems to be strongest among the working class. You know, people who actually make things besides policy! But we have the solution – the most powerful weapon given us by our founding fathers. We can fire all of you. We can elect people who will trim the roll of government before introducing more taxes. A High CSQ will trump a High IQ every time – CSQ = Common Sense Quotient.

So let’s check the real violence. The Infiltrator, The Left who feel free speech belongs to them alone, and Democrat supporters – well leftist suspects anyway. If any journalist did a real search of incidents, they would find far more directed against the Tea Party folks.

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