Enron Vs. Goldman Sachs

Remember all the news about Enron and ties to GW Bush? Enron contributed less than $160,000 to the Bush campaign. Bush and “Kenny Boy” (Ken Lay) seemed to have largely a social interaction. If there were Enron employees in the Bush administration, it didn’t get much notice so one must assume there were few or none. Some mentions were made about Whitehouse meetings, especially on developing oil strategy.

Now consider Goldman Sachs. Obama received over $1 million from Goldman Sachs (all affiliated sources). And there are many Goldman Sachs employees in the current administration. In the present environment, the only play with a higher ROI than lobbyists is having prior employees inside the administration – pure gold.

UPDATE: One other major difference between Enron and Goldman Sachs. The Bush administration filed felony charges against the Enron principles while the Obama administration filed civil action against Goldman Sachs. Why civil action? That doesn’t preclude felony actions at a later date, but you would think that you would file a felony case if you had the evidence. Or are they fishing hoping to find evidence for a felony case. Any lawyers out there with an explanation?

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