Glenn Beck is Smart

How do you get smart?

  1. Read books – he reads a bunch
  2. Have a terrific research staff – he does
  3. Invite “Watchdogs” to give confirmation and direction – anonymous sources inside the beast.

And he is still using the “Red Phone” prop – he made sure the administration still had the number after Anita Dunn left the Whitehouse. They haven’t even challenged the “Red Phone” because he most likely has a signed receipt of someone receiving a document with the number. Evidently this administration had never heard that old adage, “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel”. Of course in modern times, pixels are worth a lot more than ink, and Glenn Beck has two hours five days every week. Even with all the public appearances of this administration, they can’t get close to his “pixel ink”.

Fox News, but especially Glenn Beck, is the biggest thorn in the side of this administration. Unlike his foes, Glenn Beck welcomes any challenge because he uses video and text from public appearances, so he uses their own words to expose them. The administration responds with lackey and toady friends who call him a wacko. Scour the Internet and you can find very few willing to do more than call him names. It is the same tactic as calling the Tea Party Movement racists. This administration does NOT want to deal in facts (Like true cost of Health Care reform). Everything is GW Bush’s fault but no one can explain “why” it is his fault. It is Congress that should be blamed. If you believe GW Bush was responsible for all that was wrong when Obama took office, then everything since is Obama’s fault. Same logic.

He has labeled his latest work “Crime, Inc.” (Video at this link or YouTube.) Some journalists in the “ink” media are also picking up the story (Investors Business Daily).

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