The best prop award of 2009 goes to Glenn Beck

GB The Red Phone - Best prop from 2009It is still there! The infamous “Red Phone” remains even though Anita Dunn has left the administration. Don’t worry, no one from the administration will EVER call the number. It would be political suicide but this administration seems to have a propensity of stepping in Doo-Doo. The rest of the media is just too timid to call attention to administration mistakes.

One could make spotting the “Red Phone” into a drinking game.

Is it real? Odds say yes – and no doubt connected. The Obama team can’t even leak the number to a lackey or toady. If anyone calls that number you can bet Glenn has a receipt showing who signed for the number when he sent it to Anita Dunn. Shoot, he might just send another notice every other month.

The “Red Phone” was the most brilliant ploy of 2009.

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